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Recapping HIVE 2023: A Journey of Equity and Excellence

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

August 17, 2023

Recapping HIVE 2023: A Journey of Equity and Excellence

The echoes of inspiration and innovation are still resonating as we reflect on the incredible journey of the HIVE 2023 Conference, held in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA. With the theme “Committed to Equity and Excellence,” this year’s conference became a dynamic platform where educators from around the nation converged to explore the intersections of diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. As the curtains close on this transformative event, let’s take a moment to relive the highlights and celebrate the collective commitment to reshaping education for the better.

Celebrating Diversity and Empowerment

Throughout the conference, diversity wasn’t just acknowledged – it was celebrated and embraced. Attendees echoed the sentiment of feeling “seen” and acknowledged the rich tapestry of perspectives present. An inaugural Expert Panel centered around “Equity and Excellence – Exploring Curriculum through a Diverse Lens” was a resounding success, delving into crucial conversations that transcend classrooms and resonate with real-world impact.

Vibrant Statistics and Unforgettable Moments

The numbers tell a powerful story: over 350 educators united for an immersive experience that spanned 113 professional learning sessions across 2.5 days. These sessions, characterized by innovation and information, left a lasting impact on attendees. Special support sessions for multilingual learners highlighted the importance of inclusion, ensuring that every student’s voice finds resonance in the educational landscape.

An average session rating of 9.7 out of 10 speaks volumes about the quality and impact of the conference content. An overwhelming 96% of attendees expressed their intent to return for future HIVE events, attesting to the immense value they derived from this year’s experience.

Standout Moments and Genuine Connections

The top-rated sessions were a testament to the Open Up Resources (OUR) commitment to excellence. Proprietary sessions showcased the depth of knowledge and expertise within the OUR community, fostering an environment where ideas and insights flourished. The screening of “The Right to Read” amplified the critical conversation surrounding literacy access, while free professional headshots and the DOVE-sponsored self-care suite ensured holistic support for attendees.

Embracing the Future: HIVE 2024

As we bid adieu to HIVE 2023, anticipation builds for HIVE 2024. Mark your calendars for July 15-17, 2024, in the vibrant city of Denver, CO. Early registration is already underway, offering the chance to secure your spot at another transformative event that promises to redefine education once again. Pre-sale ticket pricing is available from now until September 1, 2023. Sign up for HIVE 2024 here.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

A heartfelt thank you resonates across the OUR community to everyone who contributed to the success of HIVE 2023. Special recognition is due to Brooke Powers, Morgan Stipe, and Natalie Brown, whose dedication and tireless efforts brought this remarkable conference to life.

Morgan said: “HIVE 2023 in Atlanta was unforgettable and put a stamp on a successful and inclusive professional learning event. Educators from across the country and internationally came together for a professional learning experience centered around openly-accessible Open Up Resources curricula and materials, professional learning, community, and a commitment to equity and education. I am grateful for my  experience at HIVE 2023 and for every single educator I met along the way.”

As we continue to champion equity and excellence, let’s carry forward the momentum of HIVE 2023 and embrace the journey that lies ahead in the realm of education.