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Our Mission:

To increase equity in education by making excellent, top-rated curricula freely available to districts.

Our Story

Open Up Resources began as the K-12 OER Collaborative, a 13-state initiative to address quality gaps in the curriculum market.

We partnered with leading math and ELA experts to design the very best standards-aligned core programs.

We provide our superb curricula to districts at no cost by publishing them as Open Educational Resources.

When schools and districts adopt our free curricula, we provide opportunities to reinvest the savings in essential supports, from professional development to printed materials.

How We Raise The Bar For Curriculum

  1. We tap expert authors.

    Subject experts are selected to author our materials based on careful vetting of sample unit content.

  2. We do quality checks, using K12’s best guides.

    Using expert-developed instruments, including the EQuIP and IMET rubrics, we implement quality reviews, then ensure consistent integration of our pioneering ELL supports and scaffolds for students with disabilities.

  3. Our curricula are refined through classroom experience.

    We forge the curriculum through large-scale district beta use, collaborating with teachers and district partners in the continuous improvement of each core program.

  4. We release the curriculum as OER.

    Our curricula are published as Open Educational Resources. From that point, they are freely available for use by educators.

  5. We seek third-party validation.

    Independent reviews by third parties, such as respected curriculum reviewer EdReports and the Louisiana Department of Education, confirm that our materials are best in class.

  6. We provide implementation support, from PD to printing.

    Our materials have been designed for use as core curricula, and we recognize the importance of supporting successful implementations, with a full suite of professional learning and setup services.

Our Leadership Team

Jessica Reid Sliwerski

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica is a former teacher, district literacy coach, and Chief Academic Officer at an award-winner literacy company, as well as a published children's book author.

Learn more about Jessica

Emily Schu

Chief Product Officer

Emily has a wealth of experience leading product and user experience design for innovative organizations that revolutionize K–12 education.

Learn more about Emily

Dr. Tammy Baumann

Chief Academic Officer

Tammy is a former teacher, district leader, and state mathematics advisor who recently served as chair of NCTM’s Professional Development Services Committee.

Learn more about Tammy

Rachel Martinez

Chief of Staff

Rachel is a seasoned c-suite support professional with 15 years' experience making teams run like clockwork.

Learn more about Rachel

Cedar Mathis

Chief Operating Officer

Cedar is a long-time project director, an expert in coordinating cross-functional programs, and a supporter of Open Up Resources since the nonprofit’s inception.

Learn more about Cedar

Patrick McLaughlin

Managing Director of Marketing

Patrick is a former teacher and educational technology entrepreneur with experience in marketing, communications, and operations management.

Learn more about Patrick

Abby Johnson

Managing Director of Field Teams

Abby is an educational technology leader and former teacher who has contributed to teacher professional development programs and curriculum development projects.

Learn more about Abby

Dan Morrison

Managing Director of Finance

Dan is a financial and operational leader with experience in strategic planning, budgets, and major system integrations and implementations.

Learn more about Dan

District Engagement & Support

Christina Magee

Director, National Field Team

Christina is a former instructional coach and special education teacher who most recently served as Managing Director of Academics at literacy solution LightSail Education.

Learn more about Christina

Mark MacGrotty

National Field Specialist

Mark is a former teacher and educational technology leader who has worked closely with curriculum teams to launch large-scale technology initiatives.

Learn more about Mark

Jamie Riggs

Director, Mathematics Field Team

Jamie is a former secondary mathematics teacher, instructional coach, and district curriculum leader.

Learn more about Jamie

Paul Conley

Math Field Specialist

Paul is a former secondary mathematics teacher, instructional support coach, and district mathematics leader with more than thirteen years of experience in mathematics education and research.

Learn more about Paul

Laura Penafiel

Math Field Specialist

Laura is a math education expert with experience as a classroom teacher, a district instructional specialist, and a professional learning facilitator.

Learn more about Laura

Angie Jennings

Math Field Specialist

Angie is a former secondary mathematics teacher and state level mathematics instructional specialist with more than 14 years' experience in math education.

Learn more about Angie

Jeff Merithew

Math Field Specialist

Jeff is a former math teacher, district math coach, and state-level teacher trainer. He has more than 14 years of experience in math curriculum and technology integration.

Learn more about Jeff

Tabitha Savage

Math Field Specialist

Tabitha is a lifelong learner with a passion for helping all students discover the exciting world of mathematics, and has experience as an elementary teacher, math coach, and district math specialist.

Learn more about Tabitha

Tina Wyatt

Math Field Team Analyst

Tina is a driven professional with sixteen years experience in finance and business administration, including serving as Treasurer for her local middle school.

Learn more about Tina

Ginger Kamrath

Director, ELA Field Team

Ginger is a former teacher and Advanced Academics director, and served as the Content Director at an award-winning literacy company.

Learn more about Ginger

Keylea Garrison

English Language Arts Field Specialist

Keylea is a former teacher and professional learning facilitator with experience assisting schools in launching professional development initiatives and implementing new curricula.

Learn more about Keylea

Sarah Pugatch

English Language Arts Field Specialist

Sarah is a passionate educator and educational technology professional who has enjoyed working with schools around the country and supporting their advancement.

Learn more about Sarah

Brooke Powers

Community Manager

Brooke is a former middle school math teacher. In her 13 years in the classroom, she was recognized as a 2017 Milken Educator and a 2019 Kentucky Teacher Achievement Winner.

Learn more about Brooke

Dr. Gail Armstrong

Director of Data Analytics and Marketing Automation

Gail has taught in middle school, high school, and higher education, and has eight years of experience in educational technology.

Learn more about Gail

Lincoln Sedlacek

Marketing Manager

Lincoln has enjoyed five years working at educational nonprofits, with experience in curriculum development, marketing, and communications.

Learn more about Lincoln

Steph Reierson

Director of Product Marketing

Steph has spent over 12 years working closely with publishers and K–12 educators to equip schools with custom resource sets to facilitate teaching and learning.

Learn more about Steph

Genya Devoe

Director of Quality & Alignment, ELA

Genya is a former teacher, university faculty chair, and curriculum author with expertise in K–12 literacy.

Learn more about Genya

Gita Dev

Director of Quality & Alignment, Mathematics

Gita is a former teacher, instructional coach, and district leader, and recently served as a consultant on The College Board’s Pre-AP Mathematics development committee.

Learn more about Gita

Operations and Technology

Dan Blaker

Senior Director of Engineering

Dan has enjoyed two decades in software development as an enthusiastic advocate for usability and simplicity.

Learn more about Dan

Paul Mawhinney

Director of Sales Operations

Paul has developed demand generation programs and managed sales operations for over 15 years within the K–12 education and student loan industries.

Learn more about Paul

Melody Federico

Financial Analyst

Melody has more than 15 years experience in investment management and back office operations, with experience in process development, reporting, and customer service.

Learn more about Melody

Dena Wendel

Operations Manager

Dena is an skilled support associate with experience in education management, and a long-time volunteer for the Girl Scouts and Red Cross.

Learn more about Dena

Bobbi Sheeler

Operations Specialist

Bobbi is a former accountant with experience working for a non-profit special education organization.

Learn more about Bobbi

Hillary Brubaker

Executive Operations Manager

Hillary is a co-founder and former project manager of a K–8 public charter school in Portland, Oregon. She has over 20 years’ experience in project management, finance, and legal compliance.

Learn more about Hillary

Lucy Egging

Salesforce Administrator

Lucy is skilled in sales operations and CRM management, with a focus on Salesforce administration and development.

Learn more about Lucy

Pieter van de Bruggen

Senior Software Engineer

Pieter has devoted over a decade of his career to improving the relationship between people and their computers.

Learn more about Pieter

Lynda English

Lead RFP Director

Lynda has over ten years of experience managing non-profits and six years in the education field.

Learn more about Lynda

Fletcher Wilkens

Software Engineer

Fletcher is a product builder with deep experience in software, startups, and ed-tech.

Learn more about Fletcher

Tonaya Craft

Production Manager

Tonaya has been helping nonprofit publishers bring their missions to print for more than ten years.

Learn more about Tonaya

Alanna Val-Hackett

Product Manager, Math

Alanna's journey from FinTech to EdTech has been driven by her love of people, process, data and technology.

Learn more about Alanna

Irma Mesa

Product Manager, ELA

Irma's background in Psychology and development has allowed her to deliver products that provide users solutions to their problems.

Learn more about Irma

Brian Goldblatt

Operations Specialist

Brian has years of experience in education, having worked as after-school teacher and mentor, as well as a curriculum instructor.

Learn more about Brian

Abby Larsen

Senior Software Engineer, Front-End

Abby has over 20 years’ experience in web design and development, and loves to work on projects that make information accessible to as many people as possible.

Learn more about Abby

Our Pedagogical Guides

We are proud to work with leading organizations to ensure the exceptional quality of our materials.

The Stanford University UL SCALE team, led by acclaimed neurolinguist Kenji Hakuta, guides our pioneering approach to the integration of English Language Learner supports into our curricula.

SAP, the nonprofit founded by lead authors of the CCSS, provides essential steering for our efforts to ensure the exceptional standards-alignment of our materials.

As advocates of higher standards for all students, Achieve has led the development of the EQuIP rubric, IMET, and other key guides of our work.

The team at UnboundED has pioneered the development of curriculum-scale Open Educational Resources, and they support our efforts to scale and expand our offering.

Our Philanthropic Supporters

Our efforts are made possible with generous support from these foundations.

  • Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

  • Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

  • Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation