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EL Education K–8 Language Arts

Nationally acclaimed program that engages students in compelling science & social studies topics, fostering skill and knowledge acquisition.

Two young students sharing a book from EL Education and engaging in a learning activity in a classroom setting.
Two young students sharing a book from EL Education and engaging in a learning activity in a classroom setting.
Our Approach

What sets EL Education K–8 Language Arts apart?

Book covers + trade books for EL Education K-5 Language Arts

Engaging, Real-world Texts

We build around texts that students love to read and teachers love to teach. Knowing that engaged readers become better readers, we start with texts that excite learners.As students tackle compelling topics, we build compassionate, thoughtful citizens while deepening learner engagement.
Two dark skin-toned students sharing a light-hearted moment in a classroom setting, while one is looking at the pages of a book from EL Education

Science & Social Studies Integrated Throughout

We build substantive content knowledge. Units revolve around science and social studies topics. Students simultaneously acquire reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while developing knowledge about the words and the world.
A close-up of two individuals working together on a project, with one guiding the hand of the other, who is writing with a pencil on a notebook, symbolizing guidance, teaching, or collaborative work.

English-language and Multi-language Learners

Our curriculum includes conscious, research-based supports for ELLs and MLLs, with lesson-level guidance, frequent ‘Language Dives’ to unpack the structure and meaning of compelling sentences, and ‘Conversation Cues’ to promote equitable discussions.
Two young students engaging in a hands-on learning activity at a colorful classroom station.

Thoughtful Formative Assessments

Routinely embedded, structured formative assessments are paired with scaffolded differentiation guidance based on specific assessment outcomes. Our use of high-stakes testing formats is paired with a culminating real-world performance task.
What’s Included

Available in Print & Digital Formats

Student Materials

• Authentic texts at every grade level
• Integrated, lesson-specific supports for MLLs, students with differing abilities
• Lesson-level supports for all students
• Curriculum designed to allow for multiple means of student expression

Teacher Materials

• Module lessons for each grade level with detailed view of the scope and sequence of the modules
• High-impact instructional routines are embedded in the resource and support student learning
• Embedded professional learning, guidance and resources to support diverse classrooms
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Best In Class Professional Learning

We believe Professional Learning is a key ingredient. Our team provides curated in-person and virtual offerings, a proprietary sync and asynch platform, and customizable in-person services.

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The curriculum has not only engaged our students but also has had a positive impact on increasing our teacher’s instructional capacity and skill. Our students have become willing to take risks with their learning and able to engage in critical thinking.
Quinn McCarthy
Principal, Academy del Sol
EL Education has enhanced the literacy learning opportunities for our students through the wide range of texts and sequence of academic standards. It has been a wonderful curriculum to support teachers and students make learning connection across multiple content areas.
Monica Lewis
Assistant Director, Soldier Hollow Charter School
EL Education has given our teachers the road map to ensure our scholars are mastering the standards and preparing to be 21st century critical thinkers.
Lange Levy
Content Specialist, InspireNOLA

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