Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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From digital forums to in-person annual gatherings, the OUR community comes together to support and learn from each other.

A diverse group of smiling people posing for a photo at HIVE with 'open-up resources' banners in the background.
A diverse group of smiling people posing for a photo at HIVE with 'open-up resources' banners in the background.
Our Approach

Education is most effective in community, and teachers need a toolbox that empowers them to teach all students effectively.

A focused, dark skin toned educator listens to another educator at a HIVE workshop where there are papers and coffee on a communal table.

Virtual and Live

  • Social forums offer timely resources and support
  • Monthly virtual PLC chats with Community Coaches
  • Recurring X (Twitter) Chats with the #OpenUpMath and #OpenUpELA communities
  • Blogs with authentic implementation experience, reflections, and upcoming events
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Peer-to-Peer Support

  • Community Coaches are expert educators using our curriculum who are here to support their community of peers with implementation and building content knowledge
  • Community Coaches are currently in schools and classrooms, on their own educational journey
  • Available to support you with authentic examples of their experiences, resources they’ve shared from their classrooms, and reflections of the current educational landscape
Jason Isaacs stands at the podium addressing an attentive audience at a HIVE 2023.

HIVE Conference

HIVE Professional Learning Conference
  • Our community comes together in-person for our annual HIVE professional learning conference. Join experts, curriculum authors, educators, and leaders
  • At HIVE there are opportunities to refine your teaching craft, discover ways to increase engagement and productive discourse, and immerse yourself in a community of practitioners.
  • Take time for self-care and some amazing entertainment experiences

Upcoming Events

In-person and virtual professional learning, community coaching, webinars, and more.

Join Our Digital Communities

An engaging community awaits you in any of our Facebook Groups. From advice to resources, meet and collaborate with educators utilizing OUR curricula across the US and worldwide.