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Empower Your Classroom: Join Our 5-Part Workshop Series on Classroom Equity

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

January 10, 2024

Empower Your Classroom: Join Our 5-Part Workshop Series on Classroom Equity

As we usher in a new year, Open Up Resources is excited to present a transformative opportunity to strengthen your classroom’s foundation – our 5-part workshop series, “5 Essential Practices for Classroom Equity.”

This unique series dives deep into the elements of classroom equity—offering practical insights, strategies, and reflections that you can implement immediately in your teaching journey. 

Here’s What You Need to Know:

What is the Workshop Series About?

Our workshop series is a dynamic exploration of five essential practices that will empower you to cultivate a more equitable and inclusive classroom environment. It’s about creating a space where every student’s voice is heard, where their strengths are celebrated, and where learning is accessible to all.

The Session Titles:

  • Words Matter: The Power of Shifting Mindsets and Language (February 27): Discover how the language we use can impact students’ sense of agency and identity.
  • Mirrors and Minds: Fostering Classroom Equity through Self-Reflection (March 5): Explore self-reflection as a powerful tool for nurturing a more equitable classroom.
  • Beyond Deficits: Building Brilliance with a Strengths-Focused Mindset (March 12): Shift from a deficit mindset to one that highlights and celebrates students’ strengths and brilliance.
  • Bridging the Opportunity Gap: Strategies for Accessible Grade-Level Content (March 19): Master strategies for delivering engaging, grade-level content that meets students where they are in their learning journey.
  • Amplifying Student Voices: Fostering Inclusive Classroom Conversations (March 26): Learn to nurture conversations that include every student and support their sense-making with grade-level content.

Who Can Attend?

This opportunity is open to everyone! Whether you’re an educator, administrator, or passionate advocate for equitable classrooms, this series is designed to empower you.

All-Access PL Pass Members:

If you’re an All Access PL Pass member, you already have access to this transformative virtual workshop series. Simply mark your calendar for the sessions that resonate with you. Interested in learning more about our All-Access PL Pass? Email

Available for Purchase:

Can’t make all the sessions? No worries! You can purchase each session individually or grab the whole series at a discounted rate. The choice is yours.

Why You Can’t Miss This:

  • Impact Student Agency and Identity: Assess, develop, and enhance the language you use to empower your students.
  • Meet Students Where They Are: Anticipate and leverage developing conceptions to plan for just-in-time support in their learning journey.
  • Practical Strategies: Explore classroom-tested strategies that you can immediately implement.
  • Reflect and Act: Reflect on your current practices and leave with strategies to implement right away in your classroom.

We’re going beyond the buzzwords of “accessibility” and “equity” to offer you tangible strategies and reflection questions that will make a difference in your classroom.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build collective efficacy and become a champion of classroom equity. Join us on this transformative journey and let’s make 2024 the year of empowerment and inclusion in education.

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Together, let’s create classrooms where every student thrives.