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Deborah Peart

Founder and CEO of My Mathematical Mind
Deborah Peart

Deborah Peart is the founder and CEO of My Mathematical Mind. As an elementary educator for over 30 years, she speaks on various topics related to math identity, math content, instructional practices, and literacy connections to mathematics. Deborah recognizes that many students, educators, and parents have unaddressed math trauma and varying levels of anxiety when it comes to mathematics. Blending her training in yoga and mindfulness with mathematics instruction, Deborah advocates for a mindful approach to teaching mathematics to address math anxiety, build confidence, and support the development of positive math identities. She has dedicated her career and doctoral studies to supporting educators with innovative teaching strategies that allow students to be curious problem-solvers and see themselves as assets to the learning community. Deborah believes all children deserve joyful math experiences and the opportunity to become competent readers, writers, and mathers.