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Two IL Graduating Seniors Named First Recipients of OUR High School Mathematics Scholarship

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Open Up Resources

May 20, 2024

Two IL Graduating Seniors Named First Recipients of OUR High School Mathematics Scholarship

On Sunday afternoon, Chiemela Samuel Onyenso and Deven West, new graduates of Thornwood High School in South Holland (IL), were named the 2024 recipients of the Open Up Resources High School Mathematics Scholarship. The award was presented by Open Up Resources CEO Jason Isaacs at Thornwood High School’s graduation ceremony.

New in 2024, the Open Up Resources High School Scholarship is an annual recognition bestowed upon graduating high school seniors who demonstrate a passion for academics, have plans to pursue higher education or vocational training, and are currently using the Open Up High School curriculum.

The $10,000 scholarship, $5,000 for two students, will be used at the recipient’s discretion to cover tuition, registration fees, books, and any other educational expenses related to their college or trade school studies.

Onyenso and West were selected because of their exemplary leadership within their school and community, as well as their commitment to academic success in the years ahead.

In his application, West expressed his vision for the future, “By breaking all the odds, I will be able to achieve the impossible. The youth will be the change in equality, and I’m striving to be a part of the Black excellence that changes the world.”

Onyenso, too, noted his bright future aspirations and his determination, “Through my academic journey, I’ve faced multiple challenges which strengthened my resolve to achieve success. Of course, I have faced challenges in academics, but persevering to become better after each failure always leads to success.”

“Unlocking the door to opportunity for every student is at the core of our mission at Open Up Resources. Chiemela Samuel Onyenso and Deven West embody this spirit with their exceptional dedication to mathematics and deep commitment to their communities. Their achievements are inspiring, and we are proud to support their academic journeys and the bright futures that await them,” said Jason Isaacs, CEO of Open Up Resources.

“We are grateful and honored to have two students from Thornwood High School recognized for their achievements in mathematics and contributions to our community. Both of these students have shown exceptional academic abilities, dedication, resolve, and character. This is an honor well-earned,” said Despina Liaskos, Math / Business Divisional Leader at Thornwood High School.

About Thornwood High School
Thornwood High School is one of three schools within Thornton Township High School District 205, a consolidated high school district based in South Holland, Illinois that serves much of Cook County’s Thornton Township. The district is located south of the city of Chicago.

About Open Up Resources
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