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Elevating Learning: Open Up Resources’ Professional Development Insights

Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources

April 10, 2024

Elevating Learning: Open Up Resources’ Professional Development Insights

In a recent presentation to Rivet Education, colleagues from Open Up Resources shared insights into our professional learning offerings. Brooke Powers, Managing Director of Academics, Equity, and Social Justice at Open Up Resources, alongside Kristin Hall, Professional Learning Specialist, highlighted the organization’s commitment to providing equitable learning experiences for all students.

Open Up Resources, a nonprofit publisher and professional learning provider, focuses on three pillars: 

  • Openly accessible curriculum
  • Access to peer community
  • Professional learning

With a mission of championing classroom equity, we emphasize providing access to high-quality, research-vetted materials and fostering community engagement to support educators.

KristinKristen Hall emphasized the tailored approach of Open Up Resources’ professional learning, understanding that one size does not fit all. Our team meets educators where they are, addressing individual needs in implementation and continuous growth. By responding to school and district requirements, they offer timely, customized support to enhance teacher skills and mindsets.

The organization’s professional learning team comprises former or current educators who have successfully implemented their curriculum, offering authentic insights and addressing implementation challenges. Our services range from in-person workshops to virtual customized PLCs, ensuring flexibility and relevance to educators’ needs.

Moreover, Open Up Resources provides asynchronous professional learning courses and supports, facilitating interactive modules and deep dives into content areas. With tireless dedication to impactful learning experiences, we prioritize feedback and continuous improvement based on participants’ experiences and insights.

Our approach extends beyond classroom teaching to support district leaders, fostering partnerships and offering tailored support aligned with district goals. By building relationships and ensuring open communication, Open Up Resources strives to create collaborative learning environments where educators feel supported and empowered to enhance student experiences.

As district leaders grapple with external partnerships, Open Up Resources stands out for our personalized approach, matching facilitators to districts’ unique contexts and standards. We prioritize human connections and flexibility, ensuring a seamless partnership experience focused on achieving shared goals.

Open Up Resources’ commitment to elevating professional learning reflects our dedication to empowering educators and improving student outcomes. Through customized support, collaborative partnerships, and a human-centered approach, we continue to make strides in fostering equitable learning experiences for all.