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High School Math

An engaging, problem-based curriculum designed to help students understand mathematics as a coherent whole.

Two Pathways to Foster Deep, Conceptual Understanding

The curriculum, authored by Mathematics Vision Project (MVP), is a complete three-year high school curriculum available in traditional and integrated pathways. Each pathway includes an intentional lesson design that gives students ownership of their learning and connects math to real-world contexts.

Students Discussing Equation

Built with Standards as the Foundation

The curriculum is built around a multi-tasking approach to learning where:

  • Each standard is addressed in more than one task.
  • Each task addresses more than one standard.
  • Every standard is fully addressed.

What Sets Our Core Curriculum Apart?

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Task-Sequencing Framework Supports Learning Over Time

A learning cycle focuses on a connected set of standards.

  • Develop Understanding tasks surface student thinking.
  • Solidify Understanding tasks examine and extend.
  • Practice Understanding tasks build fluency.
Task-Sequencing Framework

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Differentiated to Meet the Needs of All Students

  • Low-threshold, high ceiling tasks allow all students full participation in the standards.
  • Story contexts and visual representations support conceptual and procedural understanding.
  • Tasks are designed to surface students’ intuitive understandings and then move them towards extensions, formalization, and fluency.
Students Working on Assessments

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Quality Built-In Assessments

The assessment package for each course contains:

  • Quick quizzes for each learning cycle in a module.
  • Student self assessments for each learning cycle in a module.
  • Traditional assessment items that cover the scope of the module.
  • Performance assessment task with grading rubric for each module.

“Students own the mathematics because it is a collective body of knowledge that they have developed over time through guided exploration.”

Quality Professional Learning
is the Essential Ingredient.

Our program is designed to elevate math practice – and success starts with supporting teachers with any necessary shifts.

We tailor professional learning and support recommendations to each district’s schedule, staffing, and delivery needs. In addition to our curriculum-embedded professional learning content, we offer:

  • On-site introduction to themes, routines, practices, and design of materials.

  • Workshops devoted to modeling and supporting practice change.

  • Facilitation of peer-supported work, activating PLCs to build district capacity.

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