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Chat With Our 6–8 Community Coaches!

Join a group conversation with an expert on our math curriculum.

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Our September Chats will focus on unpacking Unit 2 + diving into MLR 4: Info Gap. Make sure to join us Thursday nights from 7:30–8:30PM EST!

September 5th – 6th Grade PLC with Martin Joyce & Jen Arberg

September 12th – 7th Grade PLC with Tashima Price & Morgan Stipe

September 19th – 8th Grade PLC with Sara Vaughn & Martin Joyce

Watch a Recording

Catch all of our recorded PLC meetings by requesting access here.

August PLCs – Unit 1 + MLR1: Stronger & Clearer Each Time


Martin Joyce

Open Up Resources 6th Grade Math Community Coach

Tashima Price

Open Up Resources 7th Grade Math Community Coach

Sara Vaughn

Open Up Resources 8th Grade Math Community Coach

Jen Arberg

Open Up Resources District Leader Math Community Coach

Morgan Stipe

Open Up Resources Lead Math Community Coach