Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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Math Curricula

Center student discourse and diverse learning needs with our Pre K–12 Mathematics offerings.

Collection of OUR's Math curriculum book covers
Collection of OUR's Math curriculum book covers

Our Approach to Mathematics

Curricula, professional learning and peer-led community designed to center student discourse and advance classroom equity.

Student-led Instruction

Encourages student growth through problem-solving and hands-on learning

Practical Problem-solving

Immerses students in real-world scenarios, challenges and learning opportunities to support student visibility and social awareness

Reliable Routines

Embeds signature mathematical language routines (MLRs) and language opportunities for developing students into mathematical thinkers

Just-right Instruction

Supports multilingual learners, students with disabilities, and students ready for more with low-floor, high-ceiling tasks

Productive Discussions

Designed using the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (Smith & Stein, 2018)


Peer-reviewed, grounded in research, and All-Green on EdReports
How We’re Different

Access highly-rated curricula, professional learning & a peer-led community.

A cheerful, light-skin toned teacher engaging with students, whose hands are raised eagerly to answer a question in a bright classroom setting.

Partners in Classroom Equity

We meet you where you are at each stage of your implementation journey.
  • Proprietary, asynchronous learning platform
  • Customizable, in-person services for every stage
  • Annual HIVE Professional Learning conference
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Robust, Real-time Peer Community

Ongoing support and advice that champions the ability to teach all students effectively.
  • Large, peer led and curriculum-specific virtual community
  • Community coaches for each curriculum
  • Recurring webinars and forums with curriculum experts