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Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing

Built upon abundant literacy research and designed to make excellent instruction and differentiation easier.

A young, light skin toned student actively engages in a classroom activity, writing on a colorful sticky note on a whiteboard.
A young, light skin toned student actively engages in a classroom activity, writing on a colorful sticky note on a whiteboard.
Our Approach

What sets Bookworms K–5 Reading & Writing apart?

Two young students, one a medium skin toned student in pig tails, the other a dark skin toned student with a beaded hairstyle, are engrossed in reading a book together in a bright classroom setting.

English Language Arts

  • Teacher-supported above Grade Level Text
  • Rich conversation and student discourse with the teacher and peers
  • Mix of Interactive Read Aloud and Genre-Based Writing (~50/50)
  • Knowledge-building through a wide variety of texts
  • Explicit Vocabulary Instruction (Content-specific terms)
  • Explicit teacher modeling of comprehension skills
  • Research-based Grammar Instruction (Sentence Composing)
Book covers + trade books for Bookworms K-5 Reading & Writing

Shared Reading

  • Teacher-supported Grade Level Text
  • Choral / partner reading
  • Fluency Building
  • Comprehension Building
  • Explicit Vocabulary Instruction
  • Word Study
  • Written Response Assignments
A multi-ethnic group of elementary school children wearing casual clothing are gathered around their teacher, who is light skinned and wearing a grey sweater, to listen during story time.

Differentiated Instruction (DI)

  • Multiple-entry foundational skills block informed by the Science of Reading
  • Incrementally skill building to more complex literacy skills
  • Small group instruction
  • Using diagnostic assessment data to inform instruction and student groupings
  • Lesson scripts and lesson templates to facilitate each group
  • The progress monitoring assessments used to evaluate success after each set of lessons
What’s Included

Available in Print & Digital Formats

Teacher Materials

Teacher manuals, teacher lesson plans, and trade texts

Student Materials

Student Workbooks
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We believe Professional Learning is a key ingredient.

Our team provides: Curated in-person and virtual offerings, monthly PLC meeting led by a team of Community Coaches, Facebook Bookworms Community Group, and a University of Delaware Student Success Center Partnership. rnrn

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What educators are saying.
Bookworms has transformed our understanding of how kids learn to read and elevated our capacity to provide great instruction. The multiple texts used in a single day has tripled student access and our subgroup scores reflect this. We were named a National Blue Ribbon School!
Becky Neubert
Principal, Seaford Central Elementary
Bottom Line: With Bookworms, students are provided with a clear pathway to progress in foundational skills from phonemic awareness to fluent and confident reading, and teachers are provided with the explicit resources to support students in that journey.
Cathay Nacrelli
Elementary Language Arts Coordinator, Cecil County Public Schools
The sequence of the shared texts and the corresponding word study segment of the shared reading portion builds the students’ foundational skills in a way that mitigates the varied types of background knowledge of students in our low-SES district.
Dr. Marni Kirkland
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Colquitt County School
The students relate to the texts a lot. They’re so engaged with the text and the different grade levels that students will talk to their teachers afterwards, or they will go to the library and find books that are written by the same authors. And I’ve had teachers come to me and say, “my students couldn’t do this a week ago, but now they’re doing all of this.” Lots of lightbulb moments.
Katie Ryan
Principal, Perryville Elementary School

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