Announcing Our New Curriculum: Humanizing Mathematics PK-5

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Open Up Resources


Casio and Open Up Resources have partnered to enhance mathematics education through making innovative tools and resources available to math educators.

Transforming 6–HS Math

With Open Up Resources x Casio, access:

Open Up Resources Algebra 1 workbook next to a Casio calculator and pencil.

Advanced Technology

Casio’s cutting-edge ClassPad Math and fx-9750GIII graphing calculator designed for educational use.
An open laptop showing the math dashboard support by ClassPad for Open Up Resources math.

Curriculum Integration embedded within Open Up High School Mathematics – Algebra 1 on the Open Up Resources website.
Two women sharing a joyful moment while looking at a book outdoors.

Teacher Support

Tutorials and resources within select lessons to enrich the problem-solving experience.
Accessible, Advanced Tools

Now Available with Open Up Resources x Casio

A display of ClassPad's math dashboard.

An openly accessible and versatile workspace for computation, graphing, geometry, statistics, and more.
A compilation of the various Casio calculators supported by Open Up Resources.

World-class Graphing Calculators

fx-9750GIII, fx-991CW, and SL-450S calculators foster a deeper understanding and love for mathematics among students.
Transformative Learning with Casio and Open Up Resources
Utilizing Casio’s advanced calculators alongside Open Up Resources’ curriculum ensures students and teachers have the best tools at their disposal for a transformative learning experience. This partnership supports enhanced engagement, improved comprehension, and greater confidence in mathematics.
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