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Open Up Resources 6-8 Math

Top-Rated Middle School Math Curriculum

High-quality curriculum, units, and problems in 2nd edition with an improved user experience, Spanish version, and an enhanced focus on ELL supports.

Open Up Resources 6-8 Math, 2nd Edition is now available on Kiddom.

For the first time, curriculum, assessments, and technology to differentiate instruction live in a centralized hub.

Bring your curriculum to life in Kiddom:

  • Manage Curricula
  • Share with Teachers
  • Digitize Assets
  • Differentiate Learning

What’s New?

New Terminology

EVERY unit includes a table identifying where new terminology is first introduced

  • RECEPTIVE – students are expected to understand the word, or phrase, when they hear or see it.
  • PRODUCTIVE – students are expected to use the word, or phrase, in their own speaking or writing.

Glossary terms appear in bold.

Enhanced ELL Supports

The first time a new ELL support is introduced, detailed instructions are given to the teacher about how to introduce the support to students and implement it in the classroom.

The first instance of MLR in the course includes  ‘How it Happens’  – a detailed description of what the supports looks like when implemented in the classroom.

Improved Glossary

The glossary  has been enhanced to include an image and/or example for every term.

More Student Workspace

The student books have increased work space. Thanks to the many users who made the suggestion through the Open Up Resources feedback form for this enhancement.

Check out all of the enhancements to Open Up Resources 6–8 Math, now also available in Spanish!