Implementation Support

We provide end-to-end adoption assistance.

Our materials have been designed for use as core curriculum, and we understand that districts seek support with effective and easy implementation.

We provide:

Tailored Professional Development

We offer a full suite of professional learning options to ensure success. Our team of former educators helps our district partners to tailor PD plans aligned to district needs and capacity. Learn more.

Innovative Teacher Supports

Remote “phone-an-expert” support gives teachers timely assistance, and national professional learning communities foster peer support. Learn more.

Flexible Classroom Deployment

The digital and print versions of our curriculum are the same, allowing districts flexibility in implementation: fully digital, to maximize cost savings in 1:1 classrooms; fully print; or a mix of print and digital.

Affordable, High-Quality Print Materials

We offer low-cost, high-quality, full-color print materials that are delivered to schools in convenient class sets. Because we negotiate deeply discounted print rates, districts find our print to offer significant savings versus self-printing options.

Multiple Digital Access Options

For 1:1 classrooms, we provide access to the curriculum via our website, or districts can choose to use materials via other digital platforms:

  • Within a Learning Management System: our Common Cartridge files support LMS integration
  • Via the free, classroom-friendly Microsoft OneNote app

Classroom Kits for Manipulatives

Beginning in 2018, we will offer affordable, grade-level-specific kits comprising all required curriculum manipulatives.

We’d love to speak with you about how we can support your success with the curriculum.