What if the most rigorous, standards-aligned curricula were also the most affordable?


Open Up Resources combines superb, openly-licensed curricula, crafted by the country’s foremost materials experts, with the necessary supports for implementation with fidelity, from PD to professional learning communities.

highest quality. for every student.


  • Alignment to state standards, with coherence, focus and rigor
  • Unique and “designed in” research-based supports for English Language Learners
  • Engaging content for both students and educators, designed for district wide implementations

Extensive Support for District Adoption

We support each district’s unique needs in implementing our curricula with fidelity, with services that include:

  • A range of professional development options.
  • Customer support options.
  • Printing options for non-1:1 districts.
  • Professional learning communities.

Freely-Licensed Content = Superior Value to Districts

Our openly-licensed content will be available to districts via no-cost licenses. Districts need only support implementation-related costs, such as professional development or printing. Therefore, districts can expect meaningful savings – up to 80% ­– through the adoption of our programs.

  • “The Illustrative Mathematics materials are highly regarded in our district, and we are pleased to be piloting the first curriculum provided by Dr. McCallum and team. While the exceptional quality of these materials is our primary focus, we are also drawn to the potential of materials that marry superior standards-alignment with affordability, as Open Educational Resources. Given the importance of responsible stewardship of public funds, I am proud to support the mission of Open Up Resources.”

    Superintendent Steve Holmes
    Superintendent Steve Holmes Sunnyside School District, AZ
  • "Creative Commons is very pleased by Open Up Resources' plans to build the highest quality K-12 instructional content in a more equitable, affordable and accessible way than traditional all-rights-reserved copyrighted materials, by offering all of their content exclusively under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license."

    Cable Green
    Cable Green Creative Commons
  • “Teachers and students alike have been victims of the “mile wide, inch deep” curriculum in the U.S. for many decades. Our sprawling, shallow curriculum has left our students behind students from high performing countries. To catch up to the competition, we have to put coherent, focused and engaging instructional material into the hands of our teachers and students. That’s exactly what the all-star team at Open Up Resources is doing.”

    Phil Daro
    Phil Daro Director of Mathematics for the Strategic Education Research Partnership
  • “Open Up Resources have been developed with a deep commitment to quality as job one and with teacher collaboration as an integral part of development and curation. As a founding state partner, we are excited to see these materials in the hands of educators as they offer the ultimate in local control and help leverage small school district budgets to do great things for all students.”

    Scott Cook
    Scott Cook Director of Academic Services and Professional Development, Idaho State Department of Education
  • "We at Lumen Learning are committed to harnessing the power of Open Educational Resources (OER) for colleges and universities and we are excited to see our friends at Open Up Resources on a similar mission for America's K-12 Public Schools!"

    David Wiley
    David Wiley Lumen Learning
  • “Open Up Resources' commitment to quality for all students, especially opportunities for English Language Learners to engage linguistically with core content, plus the focus on supporting districts in adopting their freely available content hold great promise. Like all things worthwhile it will take a concerted and sustained effort to deliver, and we are pleased to be part of that effort.”

    Kenji Hakuta
    Kenji Hakuta Understanding Language, Stanford University
  • “Student Achievement Partners has advised the founding team of Open Up Resources as they work to create and disseminate high quality, freely available college and career ready, standards-aligned instructional materials for teachers and students.”

    Meredith Liben
    Meredith Liben Student Achievement Partners
  • “Open Up Resources' commitment to quality and their focus on supporting districts in adopting their freely available content holds great promise for assuring that every public school student and teacher have access to a great affordable curriculum option.”

    Kate Gerson
    Kate Gerson UnboundEd

Our Mission: Access to Deeper Learning For All Students

At Open Up Resources, we believe that equal access to rigorous, standards-aligned materials is the foundation of a high-quality education, and that all students deserve these benefits.

So, in collaboration with state education leaders and K-12’s most innovative not-for-profits, we developed the first openly-licensed, comprehensive curricula crafted by the country’s foremost materials experts. Excellent content – the kind that truly fosters deeper learning – is the foundation of our work.

We want district adoption to be simple, straightforward, and effective, so we have built a network of support services to achieve these goals.

We are proud to be pioneering the next generation of Open Educational Resources: curriculum-scale, and paired with resources that enable turnkey implementation by districts.

When the highest-quality materials are also the most affordable, we can propel all students to improved outcomes.

Our Materials

Our first product, a mathematics curriculum developed by the renowned experts at Illustrative Mathematics, is now available for 2017-18 adoption.

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