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Professional Learning – Summer Academies

Our Approach to Professional Learning

Open Up Resources exists to make the highest quality curricula freely accessible allowing schools and districts to invest in much-needed professional learning through the lifecycle of implementation.

A growing body of research shows that pairing a curriculum adoption with strong professional learning designed around the materials yields tremendous outcomes.

Open Up Resources provides professional learning and supports for teachers and leaders through:

  • In-person and virtual workshops
  • In-person and virtual coaching 
  • Our HIVE Conference
  • Our professional learning community coaches and the OUR digital community

Virtual Summer Academies

Bookworms Summer Institute (available through The University of Delaware Professional Development Center for Educators)

Did you miss out on attending HIVE 2020? Need training for yourself or new hires before school starts? Register now for our Virtual Summer Academies.

There are options for new users of Open Up Resources 6–8 Math, Open Up Resources High School Math, and EL Education K–5 Language Arts along with an opportunity for experienced users of Open Up Resources 6–8 Math.

Your registration includes 12 hours of Professional Learning in your chosen pathway + access to 7 tremendous recorded keynotes from HIVE 2020.


  • August 3-6: Open Up Resources 6–8 Math (12 – 3 PM ET each day)
  • August 10-13: High School Math (12 – 3 PM ET each day)
  • August 10-14: EL Education K-5 Language Arts (12-2 PM ET each day) 


  • Registration $399– Until July 31
  • Late Registration $549 –  After July 31

Pathways Available

  • EL Education K–8 Language Arts Diving In
  • Open Up Resources 6–8 Math Diving In 
  • Open Up Resources 6–8 Math 
  • High School Math Diving In

Pathways Descriptions

EL Education K–5 Language Arts Diving In 
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Participants will engage in an overview of the EL Education curriculum to build a solid foundation for implementation.  Throughout the series educators will dig into essential components and understand the rationale, structure and resources available to support them.  As they learn about the curriculum they will engage in planning processes and with templates that will support building their understanding of how the curriculum works to support students’ literacy development.

Open Up Resources 6–8 Math Diving In
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The 6-8 Math “Diving In” Summer Academy covers the format of lessons and key routines within lessons, including the “5 Practices” routine. Learning is through the lens of seeing, experiencing and discussing Open Up Resources 6-8 Math lessons. Information regarding key components and online resources is made explicit.

Open Up Resources 6–8 Math  Going Deeper, Cooperatively
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The Open Up Resources Teacher Leader in Residence, Morgan Stipe, will be leading you through sessions around hot topics for teachers with experience using the curriculum including becoming more effective with Math Language Routines, creating stronger discourse in your classroom using the 5 Practices, how to make synthesis the center of your instruction plus much more! Leave with ready to use resources designed to improve your instruction from Day 1.

High School Math Diving In
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The High School Math Academy is for anyone that is new to MVP materials and considering their use in the classroom. Come and engage in the materials and feel the development of mathematical learning progressions. Connect with the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction framework and see mathematical coherence through learning cycles and progressions. Witness the three phases of the learning and teaching cycles and see the power of conceptual understanding with procedural skill.

HIVE Conference

With immersive sessions over five days, our annual professional learning event went virtual  in 2020.  At HIVE, educators learn from curriculum authors and facilitators in an intimate, immersive environment with optional flex sessions to customize their experience. Multiple pathways are offered for each OUR curriculum to support learning at all levels. To learn more about the sold out HIVE 2020 conference, click here. HIVE 2021 details to be announced.

Teacher Leader In Residence Sessions

PRICING: $99 each session*
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Tech Tools to Support Remote Learning

Date: 8/11/2020 @12PM–3PM ET

Description: The Open Up Resources 6-8 Math curriculum includes applets that enhance the learning of young mathematicians. Go beyond the applets and talk about other technologies to include in your instruction to support learning outside of a physical classroom space. Let’s investigate how to use technology with purpose, from Flipgrid, to Desmos, to HyperDocs, and more!


Building Community in an In-Person Environment

Date: 8/12/2020 @12PM–3PM ET

Description: The first days of school set the tone and expectations for the school year when executed with active learning, collaboration, and accessibility for all students. Reflect on what makes a classroom community effective, and come away with an abundance of resources to build and enhance the culture of your class!


Building Community in a Virtual Environment

Date: 8/13/2020 @12PM–3PM ET

Description: Building community in a virtual classroom environment can be critical in the contributions and active learning produced by your young mathematicians. Reflect about what makes a classroom community effective–virtually or in-person–and engage in resources designed to invite all students to learn in an online environment.


Launching a Mathematically Powerful Classroom

Date: 8/14/2020 @12PM–3PM ET

DescriptionIn a mathematical powerful virtual classroom, all students routinely engage in the eight standards of mathematical practice. Students regularly solve non-routine problems, model with mathematics, construct viable arguments, critiquing the reasoning of others along with the other practices. Mathematically powerful students demonstrate agency as being self-starters, a resource, and support for other students and owners of their own learning. Students demonstrate authority as authors of ideas and beliefs in their own efficacy. Teachers must ensure equitable access, equity, and high expectations for all students must be the pledge of all educators. Engaging students with mathematics in meaningful ways requires us as teachers to be well prepared and able to draw on quality resources and technology tools. This session will introduce technological tools and virtual teaching strategies through use of Math Language Routines (MLRs), formative assessment practice and equitable practices to guarantee all students become mathematically powerful.


*No refunds will be given.

Join OUR Digital Communities

From recurring Twitter chats led by Professional Learning Community Coaches (PLCs) to private Facebook groups, the Open Up Resources digital community provides experience and knowledge to support teachers and leaders on their implementation and instructional journeys.

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