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Now, for the first time, a full course OER curriculum is being offered in a platform that allows for personalization via technology, while at a lower cost than traditional textbooks.

Together, we bridge the gap between curriculum, instruction, and assessments, creating an all-in-one hub for teaching and learning.

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Math & ELA Digital Curriculum - Open Up Resources + Kiddom

The No-Nonsense Guide to Distance Learning

It’s easy to try and solve for things by throwing as many solutions at the wall as possible, but as the educators at Open Up Resources and our digital partner, Kiddom, started to work through what we could do now to support teaching and learning, we knew one thing was clear: break down the approach and make it as simple as possible.

This No-Nonsense Distance Learning Guide is a step-by-step guide for educators that provides practical advice and can be implemented rapidly during this critical health crisis. Use it to easily navigate to the stage of distance learning your school is currently tackling, and jump right in.

Three Ways the OUR + Kiddom Partnership Bridges the Gap Between Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Digitally manage OUR’s high-quality curriculum.

Curriculum is centralized and connected to instructional delivery for real-time visibility into student and instructional data. Teachers save time on lesson planning, and use technology for data-informed instruction and intervention. No need to spend hours in Google Drive puzzling together scope and sequence and unit plans.

Enable teacher autonomy and student ownership.

Using Kiddom, individualization and differentiation is timely and targeted, with technology to assign standards-based OUR curriculum and supplemental resources, assess and track students by mastery, and create individual learning pathways. Great teachers connect content to their students’ lives and this gives teachers the time to do just that.

Keep students on track by acting on real-time data

When curriculum artifacts like unit and lesson plans can be traced down to assessment results, educators gain the power to act in real-time. Insights into instructional and performance trends will make it easier than ever to measure implementation fidelity and ensure ROI, while also delivering the right data to every member of the learning community. When you can form an intricate web of support around students, intervention can happen at exactly the right time.

Ready to Go Digital?

Digital curriculum delivered via a centralized hub for teaching and learning offers cash-strapped schools and districts significant cost savings. It reduces reliance on expensive, quickly out-of-date textbooks, many of which do not meet individual student needs. In addition, our bundled curriculum and platform reduces the redundancies found in many district technology ecosystems. So as we work toward our joint mission, we’re excited to help more schools and districts achieve the wonderful things that were previously thought out of budget.