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Mathematics Academic Specialist

Who We Are

Open Up Resources is a nonprofit developing the highest quality full-course curricula available to districts, provided for free to promote instructional equity.

We partner with the country’s foremost materials experts to develop superb curriculum and deliver essential implementation support, from professional development to printing. Our mission is to provide students and educators with equal access to rigorous, standards-aligned core programs.

The Role

The Math Academic Specialist is responsible for assisting the Director of Quality & Alignment, Mathematics in the execution of the organization’s quality assurance and piloting efforts, ensuring that the materials are aligned to standards and meeting the needs of teacher, students, and families.  The Math Academic Specialist, will also provide support in the promotion and implementation of the math courses within school districts.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Execution

  • Assist in coordinating teacher-reviewers to evaluate and provide feedback on instructional math materials as they are created.  
    • Aid reviewers using Achieve EquIP rubric to evaluate each unit of developed materials.
    • Upon course completion assist in the continued review process using IMET.  
  • Assist reviewers to ensure understanding of the standards, the review tools and rubrics, and the instructional  materials; act as a facilitator in cases where reviewers disagree.
  • Assist in examining and ascertaining the quality of an externally completed crosswalk.
  • Assist with proofing/editing to ensure the materials are free of any errors and meet the quality assurance check.
  • Assist in crafting reports of reviewers results to content developers to identify areas of improvement to the materials.  
  • Support the Director of QA, Mathematics through the process of piloting materials to classroom implementation of OUR Mathematics, which include assisting in:
    • Coordinating the pilot program with individual schools and districts.  
    • Collecting data and feedback from pilot classrooms and aggregating results to facilitate improvements to the materials.


  • Assist in identifying connections between the work of many different teams and use this insight to further the mission of the organization.
  • Manage multiple projects effectively by creating timelines and demonstrating a proven ability to organize and prioritize to meet deadlines on time.

Business Intelligence

  • Ability to be self-managing and flexible while working in a remote environment.  
  • Drive document creation with direction from the Director of QA, Mathematics.  
  • Aggregate and organize data as directed by the Director of QA, Mathematics.

Job Qualifications

  • Minimum of 5 years of classroom experience teaching students mathematics.
  • Expertise in the teaching and learning of CCSS for Mathematics content and practice standards.  
  • Demonstrated experience using the EQuIP rubric and IMET.  
  • Familiarity with the three gateways within the EdReports evaluation system.  
  • Experience with evaluating instructional materials.
  • Deep knowledge and passion for learning in K-12 Mathematics.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize appropriately.
  • Proven organizational skills, high attention to detail, and superior time management.
  • Dedication to excellence and proven track record of accountability.
  • Ability to consistently execute deliverables on schedule.
  • Experience facilitating meetings and leading project teams.  
  • Strong technology skills
    • Ability to lead meetings via web conference tools.
    • Working knowledge of email, Google platform, MS Office 365 and Adobe.  
  • Superior project management skills and track record of proven results
  • Extraordinary communication skills; written, verbal and interpersonal.
  • Ability to consolidate feedback from multiple sources and communicate results effectively.  
  • Positive attitude focused on collaboration and team problem solving.  
  • Experience with K-12 Mathematics.

Open Up Resources Values

1. Kindness

2. Candor

3. Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

4. Learning and Growth

5. Achieving Our Mission

Additional Details

  • We are a virtual organization; employees can work from anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • We offer a competitive compensation and generous benefits packages.
  • We are a growing organization with passionate, high-talented team members!


Please submit a resume to [email protected] with the subject line “Mathematics Academic Specialist.”