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Lynda English

Lead RFP Director

Lynda experienced the inequality of life first-hand being raised in low-income housing. As a child, she received assistance from many organizations and desired to one day be the one giving instead of the one receiving. Lynda initially started on the path of helping others by becoming an X-ray technologist. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Geneva College with the intent of becoming a doctor. She quickly realized that she was called to other work, and joined The Salvation Army, where she was an officer for ten years. During this time, she was able to assist thousands of individuals. Of the many programs she was involved in, her favorite were the after-school programs; during the few hours she spent running those programs, she was able to see great progress in children. With her interest in after-school programming, Lynda implemented a school-based Boys and Girls club STEM program for middle school children. While working in the school, it became apparent to Lynda that the best way to help children with their education was to work with the schools to improve instruction and education. Learning Sciences International offered Evaluation Frameworks and the observation technology which focused on teacher growth. At Open Up Resources, Lynda focuses on inventory management to ensure teachers have the resources they need to close the achievement gap with quality curriculum. Lynda lives near Pittsburgh, PA with her two teenagers. She enjoys cooking, reading, and playing video games.