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Dan Blaker

Senior Director of Engineering

Dan loves building software. For over twenty years, he has been an engaged, user-focused, and collaborative contributor in the world of software development. On diverse teams from tiny web agencies and game startups to telecoms and enterprise software behemoths, Dan has maintained a steadfast commitment to the human beings who build the software and those who use it. His philosophy of empathy-driven development is paired with a drive for continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.

Dan’s commitment to equity in education was forged at an early age, when he experienced the stark contrast between his first-grade year at PS 63 in the South Bronx and his second-grade year at a private prep school in Riverdale, NY. Though his childhood dream of becoming a public school teacher was sidetracked the moment he stepped into the Honors College computer lab at University of Oregon, he has embraced every opportunity along the way to instruct, coach, mentor, and otherwise encourage learning, discovery and self-confidence in other people.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in Portland, OR, where he coaches kids’ soccer, sings karaoke, and maintains a small forest in his backyard.